• Age : 24
  • Height : 188
  • Measurements: 98/82/99
  • Shoes: 45
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Langueges: Russian, English

About me

My name is Saidakmal, I’m 24 years old. Model business has attracted me since my adolescence, but due to various circumstances I couldn’t devote my time to modeling. Fortunately, this year I have completed successfully the modeling course at Nana Khan’s model school «NNModels» and I’ve got a lot of knowledge and particular experience in modeling. Therefore nowadays I have a new aim to become a successful professional model. I believe that for success in this sphere apart from particular external data embedded in a man, the diligence and purposefulness of a model himself play an important role.
I have LLM degree, but my vocation — » an artist». I like music, art photography , literature. Therefore I always read much, sing and take pictures when I have free time. I am a sociable and cheerful person in grain. My life credo is «ubiquitous optimism, no matter what happens!»